Did you know?

DID YOU KNOW? These lovely unique not-for-sale Team Vietnam Keychains will be given to the first 50 supporters of our World Cup fundraising campaign as a big thank-you for their much-needed early money. Place your order today to support us … Read More

Vietnam Snitch Shorts

Snitch shorts with Vietnam’s distinguished Bronze Drum patterns, featuring playful baby Chim Lac among the three iconic quidditch balls in our ancient metalwork style. Available in three sizes:

• Normal for Runners from 50 to 65kg

• Large for Runners from 65 to 80kg

• X-Large for Runners more than 80kg

The snitch holder itself is detachable with a handy velcro patch. You can as well buy the snitch holder alone by select the option “without shorts”.… Read More

Team Vietnam Badge

Handy decoration uniquely made in Vietnam. Standard 58mm diameter. Pin it on bags, backpacks, or anywhere else to show off your quidditch support!

Quidditch House Pride Tee Collection

Brave, courageous Gryffindors; Loyal, humble Hufflepuffs, Witty, wise Ravenclaws, Cunning, ambitious Slytherins. No matter who you are, there’s nothing more badass than having a quidditch team T-shirt with your house’s signature color and symbol – which was never easy to … Read More

Quidditch Goodies

For a quidditch team, having a unique name, an iconic logo and a cool jersey is a must. No doubt. But having its own BALLS? (literally) Damn! It’s even more badass, don’t you think? And of course we don’t just … Read More

A Bistecca alla Fiorentina Donation

If you attend the World Cup in Firenze, you just can’t stand the Florentine steak. An additional dish on your order goes to VQA, you’ll receive a thank you video, a team photo of Vietnam squad with signatures, and a line hug at any time we’re at the pitches (at World Cup). Remember to note your email address at the check out ;)… Read More

A Quattro Formaggi Donation

The cheese is extremely phenomenal, as well as your kindness. A thank you email containing our thank you video as our gratitude directly from VQA will be sent to your personal email. Also a photo of Team Vietnam with our signatures! Please note your email address at the check out ;)… Read More

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