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  • Flame Owls Kit

    Flame Owls is the second team of Hanoi, and its establishment marked a new level of development for quidditch in Vietnam.

    Was instructed by some of the veteran Dragons, its players are rising as a new power, defeating the Draco Dormiens in the two latest match-ups.

    Young, determined, and overall, aggressive. It’s IncendiOwls!

    Last order: 20 May 2018

    Last order: 20 May 2018

  • Hanoi Draco Dormiens Kit

    Hanoi Draco Dormiens is the oldest active team in Vietnam, also the first team in Hanoi. Unlike any “conventional” way of establishing a quidditch team, its founders started the team with no knowledge nor practical experience, but the thirst for a new and exciting sport.

    Maintaining a team in 3 years in that conditions was remarkable, not mentioning they planned the birth of the second team of the city without involving any bit in their management.

    The pride in this colour is ultimately high. No one could be prouder than a Sleeping Dragon. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s take this chance to take home the pride of Quidditch Vietnam!

    Last order: 20 May 2018

  • Team Vietnam Kit

    It is another dedicated works from the very talented author of the Asian Quidditch Cup 2017 logo.

    You can spot Lac, a widely recognised symbol of Vietnam, the kind of bird engraved on ancient copper drums by the Viet thousands of years ago. The bird heads high with pride, sitting on a copper drum, of which the engraves were replaced by patterned golden snitches.

    We bet this is the best jersey design ever for any Vietnam team at national level, and what could be greater if you are one of the first to wear it?

    Last order: 20 May 2018

  • Asian Quidditch Cup 2017 T-Shirt

    Breath yourself in the air at the scorching heat of the Asian Quidditch Cup, Summer 2017 at Hanoi with our high-quality cotton shirt with the tournament 2017 visual elements.

    The logo features three elements of Vietnam tradition, can you name them?

  • Hanoi Draco Dormiens T-Shirt

    Nunquam Titillandus, show them how strong and mighty a dragon like you can be!

    Printed with Hanoi Draco Dormiens logo with the best garment of choice. This T-shirt is great to wear as summer casual street style T-shirt, for daily or vacation.

  • Hoodie Hanoi Draco Dormiens

    The sunny beach material of the hoodie was carefully selected after prolonging and exhausting researches and visits to all of the fabric suppliers in Vietnam. Get yourself one to feel our tropical sun during your chilling winter days.