The Vietnamese Quidditch Association is the national governing body of quidditch (quadball) in Vietnam. Our mission is to support the development of quidditch in Vietnam by setting up new teams and matches, as well as other promoting activities. VQA Charity is one component of our fundraising scheme, and all proceeds from sales will go to the whole quidditch community in the nation.

In summer 2018, our national team proudly represented Vietnam for the first time in the IQA World Cup. The fundraising campaign via Charity earned success as we have raised approximately $5000 for the team. After paying all the tournament related fees, every Vietnamese resident player was subsidized about $400-500 in cash, which helps reduce 25% to 30% of their expenses for the tourney.

This year, team Vietnam was not able to attend IQA World Cup in the USA due to financial shortage, however, we tried every bit to ensure our players international experience, so we registered in the QNations’ Cup in Tarragona, Spain – which costs just half comparing to World Cup possible expenses. Another campaign with more attention and planning was initiated through Charity, again, to help reduce the financial burden for our Vietnamese resident players. By buying our merchandise, not only will you get the most awesome quidditch gears and merchandise on the market, but you will also send the message of love and support to many aspiring quidditch players in Vietnam.


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We will bring your orders to the QNations’ Cup in Tarragona, Spain. If you attend the event, we will deliver your order to you face-to-face. If you are not going to attend the tournament, you may as well ask a friend to bring the merch back home for you. If that’s the case, kindly leave a note at “Order notes” section, even if you haven’t asked a specific friend yet. We will keep contact with you to get updates about the pick-up.

The shipping cost for this option starts from $5, depending on the weight of your order.

Although we take great pride in producing our goodies in Vietnam with diligent care, shipping them to many countries can be very costly. Nevertheless, we do offer worldwide shipping using the most affordable courier available in Vietnam, except for European addresses.

For all destinations outside Europe, the shipping cost will be determined based on the weight of your order and the specific shipping zone. This calculation will be done once you provide your address during the checkout process.

As for orders from Europe, rest assured that even if you’re unable to pick them up at QNations’ Cup, we’ll personally carry them with us to Europe and dispatch them from there. Therefore, the price of this shipping option for customers in this region will be appropriately calculated.

Update on 28 July: For orders to be shipped to USA/Canada, we will have amazing people who will take the orders from us at QNC and deliver to your addresses when they return to the US. The shipping costs have been decreased by approximately 70%. We have updated the calculation accordingly.

This option is only available for addresses in the US, Canada and Australia, as we are confident that there will be enough orders from these three generous-but-far-away countries to send in bulk and save a bit. Here’s how it works: we will gather all orders from customers who choose this shipping option in the US/Canada and Australia and send them to our hubs in those countries. From there, each order will be sent out domestically. While this option may not be super cheap, it is still a considerable improvement compared to shipping individually from Vietnam. The specific cost of this option will be based on the weight of your order, and it will be calculated at the checkout.

To our European friends: Your orders, if not to be picked up at QNations’ Cup, will be carried with us to Europe nevertheless and will be posted from there. So please refer to the “Ship to Address” option.


Currently, we only receive payments transferred directly and manually to our only Paypal account of [email protected]. That means after placing an order on our website, you will transfer the order total value to our Paypal account with a note specifying your Name and Order Number (in US Dollar or equivalent and please choose “Send to Friends” when possible). Afterwards, once we manually acknowledge the payment and settle your respective order, you will receive a notification email confirming that your order has been paid for and now in process.

In 2018, using a convenient payment gateway via Paypal cost us more than $300 in total for transaction fees. As for us, every penny counts, so we we kindly request your favor in manually transfering money after placing an order on our website, and waiting for our confirmation of receipt afterwards. We thank you for your patience.

In this case, please sign up an account, it’s free. After logging in your Paypal account, you can still send money to our Paypal account using a credit card. If you find any difficulties, please contact us via Facebook Messenger or Instagram Chat for a quick help.


Jerseys: Last order by 24 August 2023

Our custom-made jerseys, featuring personalized names and numbers, require an early order deadline of 24 August to ensure timely production. This deadline is prominently displayed on each jersey product page, along with an automatic countdown. After this date, jersey orders will no longer be available on our website.

Other Goodies: Last order by 07 September 2023

For all other goodies excluding jerseys, we will accept orders until 07 September 2023. This allows us to begin processing the orders in line with our overall timeline.

As previously mentioned, jersey production will commence on August 25. The production time for other goodies is independent of the order timeline, as the majority of them are already manufactured by that point.

Our aim is to have all products ready by September 7, coinciding with the deadline for accepting orders on the website. The process of packaging and handling orders will take place from September 7 to September 15.

All orders, including grouped ones, will be dispatched from Vietnam by 15 September. Since many orders will first be sent to regional hubs (Europe, Australia, USA) before individual dispatch, we kindly request your patience in waiting for up to 6 weeks from this date to receive your items.

For shipped-to-address orders, we kindly request that you allow up to 4 weeks from 15 September, as we will be utilizing the most cost-effective postage service.

For those who choose to pick up their orders at Quadball Nations Cup, we look forward to seeing you there on 07-08 October 2023.


No, Vietnam Quidditch Association is completely non-profit. And our charity shop is running purely to help finance VQA. Specifically at the moment, we are fundraising for Team Vietnam to join the QNations’ Cup in Spain. 100% profit from selling Long Lost Army themed products on this site shall be used to help cover the expenses for our team members to go to Spain this October.

Since we are not a commercial entity, we kindly ask for your understanding regarding any potential delays or inconveniences. Please be patient with us, and rest assured that we will handle orders and inquiries with the utmost professionalism.

Orders that have been on hold (awaiting payment) for over a week will be automatically cancelled. If you accidentally make a duplicate or unwanted order, no action is needed as it will be cancelled.

For any other desired changes to your order, please reach out to us through one of the contact methods provided below. We are delighted to assist and will strive to accommodate your needs as much as possible. However, kindly understand that many of our goodies are to be custom-made for you; therefore, certain change requests, unfortunately, may not be accepted.

There are some common issues that may prevent you from placing an order:

  • You have missed one or more required selections before trying to “add to cart”. Please carefully double check to make sure you have selected/answered all the required fields of the product, such as size and personalisation.
  • The product you are trying to add to cart is no longer available for order. Please refer to the Delivery Timeline information.
  • You have missed one or more mandatory fields on the Checkout page. Please fill in all the required fields (marked with the asterisks) before trying to place the order.

If you are unsure what the problem is, do not hesitate to contact us through one of the contact methods provided below.

No, you can completely browse for products, add to cart, and checkout as a guest.

However, you can as well create an account anytime if you wish, even at checkout. With an account, you can easily follow your order status, especially if you have placed multiple orders.

Regrettably, we will be unable to accept orders after 07 September 2023, as we focus on managing existing orders and making arrangements for Team Vietnam’s participation at the Quadball Nations Cup 2023. However, don’t worry, you’ll still have the last chance to acquire our goodies at the tournament on 07-08 October 2023. Alternatively, you can also ask someone else to make the purchase for you at the event.