The Vietnamese Quidditch Association is the national governing body of quidditch in Vietnam. Our mission is to support the development of quidditch in Vietnam by setting up new teams and matches, as well as other promoting activities. VQA Charity is one component of our fundraising scheme, and all proceeds from sales will go to the whole quidditch community in the nation.

In summer 2018, our national team would love to proudly represent Vietnam for the first time in the World Championship. However, for a developing country in South East Asia, and particularly for our players who are mostly young students and graduates, the expenses required to go to Florence, Italy are evidently burdensome. It pains our heart to see such passionate players not be able to attend the biggest event of quidditch, not due to the lack of enthusiasm for the sport, but because of financial obstacles. By buying our merchandise, not only will you get the most awesome quidditch gears and merchandise on the market, but you will also send the message of love and support to many aspiring quidditch players in Vietnam.

We also accept donation via Paypal by our account: [email protected]

Thank you for being part of the historical movement for the growth of Quidditch Vietnam.