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  • Dual-sided Headband

    Highly fashionable, highly convenient, highly functional from a highly absorbent material. Feel the power of the dragon in your mind. Our dual-sided headbands feature the embroidered logo of the Long Lost Army at one end, making you subtly stand out without any confusion about the position you are playing on pitch.

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    LLA Bludger

    Introducing our high-quality dodgeball, tailor-made for Team Vietnam. Manufactured with precision, it features durable double rubber layers for optimal performance. This exceptional dodgeball embodies the essence of Team Vietnam, featuring aquatic dragon symbol of our long-lost army. Get ready to dominate the game with style and reliability with our top-tier dodgeball.

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    LLA Referee Jersey

    Distinguish yourself in the ref crew with subtle design of Vietnamese dragon. Feel the power of the rulers.

  • LLA Runner Shorts

    Our snitch runner shorts feature the same aquatic dragon that compliments our Long Lost Army theme, but the golden colouring adds an imperial touch.  With huge improvements from our previous version in 2018, our snitch shorts this time come with high-quality velcro patches meticulously sewn onto both the shorts and the tail, creating a strong and seamless bond between the two pieces. The tail itself is adorned with sublimated dragon scales, ensuring a perfect match with our unique shorts. Now be the king of the sport by twirling in style with our golden dragon snitch shorts!

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    Pack of 6 Headbands

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