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  • Hanoi Draco Dormiens Kit

    Hanoi Draco Dormiens is the oldest active team in Vietnam, also the first team in Hanoi. Unlike any “conventional” way of establishing a quidditch team, its founders started the team with no knowledge nor practical experience, but the thirst for a new and exciting sport.

    Maintaining a team in 3 years in that conditions was remarkable, not mentioning they planned the birth of the second team of the city without involving any bit in their management.

    The pride in this colour is ultimately high. No one could be prouder than a Sleeping Dragon. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s take this chance to take home the pride of Quidditch Vietnam!

    Last order: 20 May 2018

  • Hanoi Draco Dormiens Bludger

    Beat them in style! With ours custom made Hanoi Draco Dormiens bludger, not only will you leave your opponent ‘knock out’ like they’re hit by a dragon slam, but you will directly make the dream of joining the 2018 World Cup come true for us!

    Standard Bludger 8.5″ with Hanoi Draco Dormiens logo printed on. Made in Vietnam. Export quality.

    In stock with limited quantity.