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  • Flame Owls Kit

    Flame Owls is the second team of Hanoi, and its establishment marked a new level of development for quidditch in Vietnam.

    Was instructed by some of the veteran Dragons, its players are rising as a new power, defeating the Draco Dormiens in the two latest match-ups.

    Young, determined, and overall, aggressive. It’s IncendiOwls!

    Last order: 20 May 2018

    Last order: 20 May 2018

  • Flame Owls Bludger

    Beat them in style! With ours custom made Flame Owls bludger, not only will you leave your opponent burnt by a flaming owl, but you will directly make the dream of joining the 2018 World Cup come true for us!

    Standard Bludger 8.5″ with Flame Owls logo printed on. Made in Vietnam. Export quality.

    In stock with limited quantity.